Quartz Solar

In 1969 Seiko changed the world of timekeeping when it launched the world’s first quartz watch.
In the 40 years since then, Seiko has continued to improve and refine quartz technology.

Seiko launched its first solar watch in 1977 and has always been a pioneer in the development of this technology.  Seiko has continuously developed new Solar calibres as part of its ‘clean-energy’ philosophy and recently re-launched Seiko Solar to the UK market. 

Seiko Solar offers the same high quality that you would expect in any Seiko quartz watch, plus:

  • An unlimited power source
  • No battery change required
  • Longer service intervals
  • Prices that offer additional value

Seiko Solar technology converts all types of light into energy to power a watch thanks to a solar cell with high performance electricity generation.  

This energy efficient movement has industry leading power reserves with no battery replacement ever required.

Today, the Seiko Solar collection includes pieces for men and ladies in sporty and dress styles and Seiko continues to add to the collection with new styles and calibres which reflect the current fashions.

Key features of Seiko Solar

The latest generation of Seiko Solar watches offers a level of performance that is truly state of the art.


Dial manufacture is key to making a solar watch that looks as good as a regular quartz watch.  Seiko can make a dial that has a perfect finish and yet allows light through.  Thanks to Seiko’s advanced solar technology, the dials no longer have to be semi-transparent.  As a result, the white dials are truly white and the black dials are truly black.


All kinds of light, not only sunlight, produce power.  The watches charge very quickly and in most calibres just two minutes of sunlight produces one day of charge, with the watch fully charged after three hours.  When worn regularly, the watch remains fully charged, but even if left in pitch blackness, the watch continues to work normally.  If the watch is without power, it will start to operate normally after just eight minutes of exposure to sunlight.


The Seiko Solar collection is priced comparatively, with similar specification to standard quartz models, which means the consumer is truly offered added value with significant functional advantages with minimal price differences.