Instruction Booklets

You can download the instruction booklet for your watch here. 

Instruction booklets are published for each type of watch movement. A watch movement is the mechanism inside the watch responsible for keeping time. Types of watch movements are known as calibres. You will need to know the calibre number for your watch in order to download the correct instruction booklet.

Calibre number:

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To locate the calibre number, please refer to the markings on the caseback of your watch.

Step 1. Check the calibre number of your watch on the case back
Step 2. Click first digit of the calibre number below and locate your number


The calibre number will tell you which instruction manual you need.
You can find this on the back of your watch as shown here:

For instruction booklets for Pulsar watches, please visit the Pulsar website and for instructions for Lorus watches, visit the Lorus website.


To download instruction booklets in other languages, please visit our global site.